Wedding Catering

The majority of our couples have their receptions in  marquees. We also are recommended wedding caterers at   a few unusual rustic venues / barns.  We work with  couples who want the flexibility to do exactly what they want with the venue and their food and who appreciate how much better food tastes when it is cooked freshly onsite.  It can be a lenghty process of  planning, research, meetings, emails/zoom calls  and trials  to arrive at  unique menus, based on couples  experiences and desires.

Since becoming wedding caterers nearly 20 years ago. We have researched trialled and served  authentic food from around the world, including Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Thai, Indian, Mexican, Argentinian.

Once couples have booked  we have a full tasting of everything you will be having on your day,   this gives us the opportunity to  establish exactly how you want your day to run.

On the week of your wedding we concentrate on your event only, we do not cater for more than one wedding a week,  as it takes most of the week to prepare for a unique wedding and a few days to clear up and recover.

Sharing Wedding Catering

We started specialising in  sharing style weddings over 15 years ago. The couples we work with tend to prefer an informal relaxed wedding. If couples are meat eaters,  we  often serve  whole joints, marinated,  charcoal and wood smoked, to each table to be carved by a guest. Accompanied with a selection of fresh  Middle Eastern influenced  salads. (In 2023 a third of our weddings were vegan or vegetarian)

Serving meat this way also allows guests to choose between  rare from the middle of the joint.  Medium towards the end, and well done at the crispy  ends.  The joints are( usually,  but not always)  butterflied and boneless, making  them  easy to carve.

We have also used this style for barbecues. Where we offer a choice of three or four meat fish and vegetarian options. With bowls of salad on each table.  We do not “platter meat” as we prefer  to serve food fresh from the BBQ to guests,  so they can choose what they want, and how they like it cooked: some want their salmon or lamb just coloured others want it well done.  We can offer a choice of three or four meats,  fish and vegetarian options so everybody can try everything. Guests are invited a table at a time to choose what they want freshly cooked food from the BBQ.

Sharing Maetchas Masala
Maetchas Masala as part of a vegetarian sharing starter platter
Sharing Platter
Sharing platter with homemade flat breads babaganoush Humus even the stuffed vine leaves were home made from friends vine
Sharing Pavalova
Pavlova and Summer fruits and Nasturtiums

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