Vegetarian and Vegan Food

We enjoy cooking vegetarian food. Whether it is a range of in season  vegetables, using Ottolehngi  as an influence  or southern Indian curries. We make Iman Bayildi regularly as our vegan option and have made it for all guests as a  main centre piece amongst vegan salads.

Many of Ottolenghi’s / middle eastern recipes are plant based and can easily be adapted to be vegan. We have catered at many vegetarian and vegan events.

We are increasingly being asked to supply mainly vegan food  see the menu from a recent event below. All are  home made on site, on the day

Example Menu


  • Babaganoush (no garlic )
  • Humus (less garlic )
  • Flat breads with your fathers Zaa’atar  (will contain nuts)
  • Falafel
  • Marinated olives


  • Iman Biyaldi served warm


  • Puy lentil and quinoa with  baby tomatoes and herbs
  • Char grilled broccoli with almonds garlic and chilli
  • Local Sweetcorn blanched then carved from the cob with cider
  • vinegar roasted red pepper chili and basil dressing
  • Marinated aubergine with tahini sauce


  • Baklava Provided by you ( not Vegan)
  • CFS to provide Strawberrys and crème freche and some Oatly cream for vegans

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