Thai Food

On our world culinary tour in 1995 we spent 3 months in Thailand. The first three weeks in Bangkok where we researched and found a very authentic cooking school, so authentic no one spoke any English. We hired a Chinese student interpreter who helped us understand the teachings of Miss Wandee a well-known cookery writer in Thailand who has taught the royal chefs to cook for the king.

We were shown how to make our own fresh Thai pastes to create some of the best Thai curries you will taste in this country. If you have eaten curries made from a fresh paste in Thailand (or this country) you will know how different these are to some examples served in restaurants, and nothing like anything a supermarkets claims as Thai. We learnt how to make noodle dishes such as Pad Thai, Rhoom, (egg net parcels filled with bright vegetables) golden cups, our own satay sauces, chilli dipping sauces and fish cakes.

Fresh exciting flavours can only be produced by cooking on site with fresh homemade pastes.

After Bangkok we went island hopping in search of a place we could rent with a kitchen so we could cook what we had learnt. We spent many hours in the markets in Kho Samui and a sensational month with a kitchen overlooking the beach cooking and eating.

Sample Thai menu for a canapés cocktail party served to standing guests

  • Thai fish cakes
  • Chicken satay with peanut chilli dipping sauce
  • Green papaya and shredded pork salad
  • Bowl food (we have over 200 small rice bowls perfect for this)
  • Thai green chicken curry with green beans and sweet basil on steamed rice
  • Beef Massaman or (Penang)

We have served similar food as two courses at weddings sharing style using our very large lazy Susans

We can mix in Indian food as well if desired to create a varied meal.

Our favourite Asian vegan dish is a Sri lankan red lentil dahl with fresh curry leaves coconut milk and lime juice.

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