Through necessity I had to make Za’atar for an event at the end of April after a lot of confusing research,  as it is the name of a herb that grows wild in the hills around Jerusalem as well as being a spice mix, which  i have been using  in in a some of Yotams dishes.  I  made my own using fresh marjoram,  dried oregano,  roasted and ground cumin,  roasted sesame seeds and salt. No doubt i will be ridiculed by purists for using a pinch of Mexican oregano as it has a faint hint of mint which the herb is also  meant to taste of.  I made far too much and have been sprinkling it on everything since as it won’t keep forever,  its great as a seasoning on most things: lovely added to flat bread dough and was great  on cheese on toast!  I also made rosewater pavlovas topped with   raspberry ripple ice cream and   new season rhubarb still a bit pink the combination of sweet crunch and gooey inside of pavlova,  luxurious homemade fresh ice cream ( just cream, full fat milk vanilla and eggs) and sharp rhubarb is fantastic and becoming one of our favourite sharing desserts as it looks and tastes so good.