Whole crab and Globe artichoke


August 2021

After two covid date moves, involving re planning  the original spring menu and  reducing the numbers,  we finally got to serve Kate and Oliver  an amazing meal.

The lovely summer afternoon started with canapes of made on site mini scones  with jams made with fruit from our own  damson and greengage trees,   topped with  Cornish clotted cream.

Starters of whole large crab from which I removed the gills. Where served on bed of blanched samphire with pots of mayonnaise.   These were to share  between around 4 guests.  We provided crab claw crackers, picks and lemoned finger bowls.   The guests took their time picking the crab and sipping a fantastic Burgundy.  As an alternative for vegetarians I finally got to serve whole globe artichoke with lemon butter.  A bit tricky to eat, but instructions readily available on phones under the table for those not familiar with the choke!

Mains was smoked lamb,  Marinated Aubergine, Green beans and mange tout with hazelnut and orange. We supplied their favourite cheeses for evening food: Colston Basset,   Baron Bigod and Black Bomber.  A lovely end to a great day at the Tudor Barn  Milden.  Juliet the owner,  was generous in allowing us the menu,  as when you crack crab claws,  shell tends to go everywhere!  We will only suggest this for marquees or hard floor venues in the future.