Tudor Barn Charity Event


We catered at a charity event at the Tudor barn in Milden for 140. Lots of local people who present potential clients for us in the future. I wanted to prove that we can cook tasty inexpensive food and plate serve for this many. We cooked fresh on site an Ottolenghi chicken dish with a home make chicken stock with sumac, lemon, red onion and lots of spices Zaa’atar, cinnamon etc. accompanied by peas with bacon and chilli and rosemary honeyed carrots.

To ensure quick service we had 15 staff, as speed of service was important to the client as they had gambling and dancing to do, we followed this with Eaton mess, the pavlovas were sticky gooey and crunchy and we just managed to get some good strawberries English raspberries and blueberries to accompany the coulis and cream. It all went smoothly and the clients loved it as it was different, tasty and accessible to all.