The Canary Islands

Sailing trip

Sarah and I are in the Canaries supposedly leaving for 4 day sailing trip Cape Verde tomorrow .We are cooking and crewing on an old friends yacht but with gale force 8-9 winds we have decided to wait until it calms down a bit. Although the 45 foot aluminium hulled Allures can take it, we see no need to have a miserable time until the weather improves.

Russ our skipper and I both enjoy a drink so the delay has meant another few nights of slightly more than average drinking before the enforced abstinence that the crossing requires. Some boats do have an occasional small drink but we think its best to go without completely so we can always be at our best should something go awry. The tennis court sized kitchen I was cooking in a week ago is huge in comparison to the galley on this boat… With three rings and a one shelf oven it means everything is within easy reach however whilst cooking- fighting the boat movement is really tiring. Most boat injuries are caused by burns or knives as it’s not easy trying to de-skin an onion in a pitching boat and getting anything out of an oven in rough weather is not easy. Although gimbled for cooking the oven needs to be secured when you open it to avoid the contents being slung on the floor or your legs.