Smoked beef ribs


September 2021  Another rearranged, postponed COVID affected wedding.

Two local doctors had found a lovely venue  on the Norfolk Suffolk border. Rookery Meadow, A blank canvass, on a farm, with a lake and lovely parkland.

A spacious 4 hat tipi for 100 guests meant a welcome change from squeezing between tables to serve, and having to clear and move tables after the meal for dancing.   The farm had a water source 200 meters away which was very low pressure. This meant the owners bringing large water containers on tractors for us to cook with, wash hands etc. Not ideal just post COVID, but as we could provide hot hand washing water from a water boiler we didn’t panic!

The couple loved prawns. So we tried several new recipes for canapes at the tasting.  Settling on a version of the classic French dish:  Prawns with Beurre blanc Where bread is used to mop up the moreish sauce. On the day of the wedding we made croutons and fried the prawns briefly with garlic and shallots, deglacéd with white wine and finished with butter and chives. The Prawns were then skewered with the crouton underneath and dipped in to sauce so just enough soaked in to the crispy crouton.  A lovely  dish which occupied one chef for more than  three hours!

The other canapés were homemade falafels made with chick peas and broad beans and lots of herbs with a tahini sauce.

For main course, we cooked massive beef ribs hung on our spits, cooked over an open wood fire, in view of all guests. Seasonal  salads to accompany included the clients choice Marinated Romano peppers with mozzarella. A lovely Ottolenghi Green giant Cous cous with Caramelised onions rocket and pine nuts,  and Char grilled broccoli with toasted pumpkin seeds  garlic and Chili.

One   guest had a severe nut allergy, so we adapted some of the recipes; almonds were replaced with pumpkin seeds and we took no other nuts with us to avoid any compromise.  There was also a guest with a kiwi fruit and apple allergy. As many of the guests were surgeons, they found carving the ribs of beef quite easy!  I made stock from all the bones left uncarved, but the wasted meat left on even by surgeons was excessive.