Smoke and Salt Restaurant


I have been visiting Brixton Village a lot in the last few months which has given me the opportunity to eat in the pop ups, the range is fantastic and this has been the affordable entry point for many restaurateurs who have since moved on to bigger premises. One that has not moved on yet and is still available at fantastic value is Smoke and Salt.

The menu was a great mix of what i love to eat, the nettle gazpacho with deep fried nettle leaves that almost stung as you ate them was fantastic! As was the seared beef heart (if we choose to kill the animal we should eat all of it) we had a vegetarian with us and the seasonal menu was available vegetarian or vegan. 12 sharing plates for £27 per head was a meal I will not forget in a long time and the service was knowledgeable and efficient. This reviewer summed it up better than I can

This feels squarely on trend: a bit Scandi, a bit Korean, a bit barbecue-y; with the use of preserved ingredients alongside fresh ones lending some consistency and rhythm to what might otherwise descend into cross-cultural chaos
Keith Miller | The Telegraph