September wedding with the emphasis on Greek food and the party


The couple  were fans of a Greek food.   their main concerns  for their day were the  food and his dancing. In particular they wanted  a menu like a  restaurant  in the docklands near where they worked.   So after a visit i trialled some of the restaurants dishes  and  mixed in some Ottolenghi with their choice of spiced  Labneh,  Beetroot, feta and garlic dip,  char grilled Padron peppers,   Borek,  and Rice with fried crispy  vermicelli noodles and pine nuts. They wrote us a lovely thank you letter and really enjoyed their day. Despite the groom getting a little over excited!  He needed  a bit of a sit down half way through evening,  I took him a freshly baked pizza cooked in Alphetons  large wood fired oven,   to help him collect him self.   Granddad  was not a fan of middle eastern food but really appreciated his ham egg and chips