Satay Lilit and Vietnamese paper wraps


A well-travelled couple want their wedding  menu to be based on their favourite countries and foods, we resurrected an old favourite we have not made for a while: Vietnamese paper wraps, translucent soft rice paper encase lots of colourful fresh flavours of julienned vegetables, three herbs caramelised garlic and onions peanuts rice noodles chilli sauce etc etc They need to be made fresh and eaten straight away so incredibly labour intensive for the hour or so of canapé service. Satay Lilit is new to me, a particular style l of satay from Bali. Research led me to searching for lesser galangal, candlenuts , and Indonesian bay leaves (as different apparently from Indian as Indian are to English) Having never tasted the real article I was pleased with the clients reactions:perhaps just a little less chilli as there will be some oldies coming.  For more on our asian food have a look at