Sailing food preparation

Sailing trip

We have spent the last few days stocking up while the skipper and his wife have been doing last minute jobs including shelling out more cash, updating electronic equipment that talks to the new offshore life jackets. We have been cooking and freezing rough passage meals like lasagne, cottage pie, chicken curry etc (all made from scratch of course) SO that we have commonly liked finished comfort food that just needs reheating. We have spent many hours planning the food for both passages as we need around 7 days food for Cape Verde and at least 14 days (+50% in case of unforeseen events) to St Vincent. Fridge/ freezer and larder space (the bilges) is at a premium, and we have attended lectures given by the Arc who organise a lot of rallies on provisioning, suggesting ways based on their experience of keeping a boat well fed and watered for longer than a few days

We went to the big fruit and veg market yesterday and after a couple of expensive mistakes (Savoy cabbage is an exotic here!) we bought mainly good value local produce at various stages of ripeness for the journey. The market stalls were beautiful and they’re open most to of the week as it must take them hours to set it all up.

Our final frozen meat delivery came today, ready chopped and vac packed in 4 portion sizes for me to cook meals when the sea is calm enough. I am lucky that I don’t suffer from sea sickness nor find cooking a chore compared to the other tasks associated with crewing. I still have to do my share of watch but tend not to get involved too much in washing and the daily cleaning required to keep a boat clean, tidy and safe. Eating good food is an important part of everyday for me, unlike some boats like the race boats, will not rely on dried/instant food unless conditions get really bad. Alongside the prepared meals we have a spread sheet of other meals we will make in weeks rotation using fresh initially and then frozen or tinned ingredients where necessary. I have been playing ready steady cook with what needs using up in the fridge over the last few days, producing a kind of patatas bravas with chicken local marrow/ squash and lots of ½ jars of things from the fridge.