Outdoor Cooking


We cooked  a marinated lamb leg on the bone on our Argentinian  lamb rack as a trial tasting  for a wedding in  field  in September,  when  we are cooking around 20 legs and hot  smoking  10 venison loins on the day. The client who is a keen on out door cooking (Francis Mallman style)  and smoking  brought  his home made double barrel smoker and we trialled  a loin of his own venison. Despite it having been frozen it was fantastic.  The juiciest venison I have ever eaten.  He left me his smoker and half a loin for supper  (clients bringing me food does not happen that much!)  The lamb worked well although a bit slow on a relatively small fire for just one leg. Probably a world culinary first I made bitterballen (a Dutch Croquet) using a pheasant stock and Guinea  fowl as the meat content  as I had both knocking about from a supper the previous night.

Some unusual client choice of salad combinations which will be in season in the autumn (apart for the Rhubarb) rainbow heritage tomatoes, local ceviche  rhubarb and a dressing with touch of ginger worked really well. Orzo and pesto salad with oven dried thyme  tomatoes and rocket  and a harvest roasted squash and beetroot salad  with barrel aged feta and pomegranate were fantastic . We trialled, and got right a way of delivering an authentic Thai green papaya salad as a canape. Little gems work in food photos but you would need a crate full to get enough small ones from their centres.  For a Petit fours style desert to go with coffee I made baklava, lemon drizzle cake and  I made stem ginger and coated it with tempered dark chocolate.

At another tasting this week I made vegetarian Pastilla subbing par roasted butternut for the meat  as a savoury main and the cinnamon icing sugar dusting  is still great with it,  odd though it seems. Frangipane tart with raspberries was also lovely.