Mixed vegan menu in an unusual venue


A  couple in their twenties working in musical theatre. The bride  a vegan,  the groom a meat eater  and  guests with a selection of allergies not uncommon these days amongst people  under 30.

As the bride used to work for us we made an exception and provided the menu the couple wanted,  with versions of each salad for  guests with  special dietary requirement .  This is something we now avoid,  as the responsibility, time and stress involved to keep guests safe is not acceptable and I have enough to think about on a wedding day!

Here is the main course to give you an idea

Roast Chicken quarters with caramelised onions, lemons  sumac and Za’atar

One chicken portion  without onions


Pesto potatoes (Vegan)

Plain potatoes for Danny

Chargrilled Broccoli with red pepper and almonds

One portion broccoli kept just char grilled i.e no garlic (Danny)

One broccoli  no peppers (Holy)

One broccoli no nuts

Local Sweetcorn blanched carved from the cob dressed with red onion, basil, roasted red pepper and a hint of chilli

A portion of sweetcorn kept undressed

One sweetcorn no peppers

One sweetcorn no onion

Vegan option  Tomato Tatin with baby turnips tomatoes and Anya potatoes

The event took place in the Brides fathers  large workshop which housed a substantial collection of  old Fords  used for film shoots as well as  lots of props ranging from children’s  chopper bikes pin ball machines and Scalextric set ups. It took the vision of the couple to transform this storage shed  into a fantastic space for a reception.  The fords were displayed  on the drive and the other props we set up for use during the evening. A fantastic use of what they had that would have cost a fortune to replicate.    We cooked  in the family kitchen which although  not small,  it was  a challenge to cook for 70 as unusually we did not cook on the BBQS. A lovely event for a couple whose wedding and careers were massively effected by covid