Marquee wedding end of July



A couple with very specific allergies. The groom was GF and did not eat cheese.   A sister of  the bride was lactose intolerant. The mother  of the Bride was  allergic to coriander ( even in Gin!)  A sister  was  severely  allergic to chilli,   and garlic was a problem as well.  Father of the groom did not like anything in a sauce.  So we designed a menu around what could be eaten and the dietary requirements which meant some experimentation with milk alternatives.

Tofu pesto with no garlic was surprisingly successful. As was Mexican dairy and chipotle free coleslaw. It started us on the road to designing menus around allergies rather than trying to offer allergy guests a separate meal.  With multiple allergies this gets very complicated and potentially dangerous.  Separating a portion of char grilled broccoli out,  cling filming it, and putting it in the fridge trailer  before we get the nuts,  out is not  a problem. However  when several guests have  potentially harmfull allergies it is not possible in a tent,  to be 100% sure that no one is going to be harmed.  So we prefer not to have many, preferably no products on site that may cause illness.

It was our only wet marquee wedding of the year but it did not damp their enthusiasm for having a great day.  We barbequed so that guests could be under a gazebo protected from the rain as they chose from marinated  pork belly, salmon and lamb leg steaks. The marquee was fine in the wind as was our gazebo.  However  the Aldi  special party tent  they had bought for the children to play in did not fair so well and  ended up the other side of the field.