Making Barrel BBQS


I needed to get two more large oil drum BBQs for this season for a large wedding in June  my usual supplier up north did not have any so I need to make them my self having been quoted ludicrous amounts of money by other suppliers

Getting the barrels was not easy  then

stripping them of all paint (as its  toxic) took ages

Making my own Smoking BBQ barrels

Angle grind them in half I  borrowed a grown up angle grinder :  hot sparks

Three coats of non toxic paint

Three coats of stove paint. Then I got a skilled welder to put grill supports on, I cut and drilled holes in the legs then attached them to the bbqs. You can just see some wild hops climbing up my shed. Quite a big job which is why my usual supplier charges over £300 but with regular repaints these will last years