Food on our sailing trip to Cape Verde

Food, Sailing trip

The fresh food I had planned was out of the question due to the weather, so we maInly ate the round passage food we had prepared in Las Palmas (in case of the unlikely event, we were told, of it “being too rough to chop and onion!” ). This was served in bowls with a spoon. Lasagne, coattage pie and a couple of curries were comfort food when it was really needed.  I still could not bring myself to serve and eat out of the rubber based (to stop them shooting off the table) stainless steel dog bowls bought specifically for rough weather, it’s just something my severe hygiene affliction won’t allow: it’s a dog bowl, it’s wrong!

The trip was challenging at best and at worst unpleasant, however after 5 days we finally arrived in Mindelo in Cape Verde. We spoke to other sailors far more experienced than us, who said it was the worst sailing experience of their lives including 2 friends on a smaller boat  than us (boomerang). They were both ex army and one a seasoned racer: fastnet etc, and an ex admiral of the fleet (sounds very important) who had a 30 foot wave break over them knocking them into the corner of the cockpit.  Fortunately like us they were both always clipped on. All of their food all came out of tins and their luxury was having it warm.