Elegant Garden Party


We started the season late last year with no May weddings and it’s the first year we have not used local asparagus!  Our first large event was a large birthday party for a university research professor with a lot of intellectual friends for whom food and dancing to good music was the priority of the day.  In advance of this we had trialled our new dish Marinated and smoked whole chicken, with 30 friends and staff in order to confirm cooking times.

smoked whole chicken
Marinted slow smoked on a can

Our improved version of American beer can chicken we prefer to call it laughing chicken i.e no lager, no beer can paint , but a lovely combination of capers  olives dates loads of fresh oregano from the garden and other herbs and spices.  The chicken is marinated for at least 24 hours and then chicken is mounted on the can, so that it stands up we then add white wine to the tin and  smoke it  in a lidded BBQ    served with   lovely Ottolenghi  style salads.  The meal was finished  with my own tart aux citron and raspberries before the  Tango  dance band started.