Challenging Brief Indian Wedding Food


Every now and then we get a really complicated brief that  I know that the  time I spend researching and trialing and developing the menu means I will not cover the cost for the yime I spend on it. However I do get excited by a completely new challenge and although I will have cooked the dishes before at least twice  I will not have  not cooked them all for 50 guests at the same tine  in somebody else’s  kitchen with only ovens and a sinks provided.

It is quite stressful and requires even more planning but a great reward when at the end of the wedding, we have a very happy couple and satisfied guests.

Below is the menu for Rhiannan and Paul we arrived at after a lot of research and trialing ( I had never heard of Vada Pav)   for a couple who loved  off the beaten track  Indian  food. With some dietary challenges and some non spicy palettes, we had to satisfy everyone I think we did do something very plain for an elderly relative  who had missed the curry boat

Vada Pav

Makani Massala tandoori paneer pots

Massala Chips  sauce: these are dressed with a spicy tomato sauce and some can be plain for non spicy eaters

All canapes will be mild to medium with some fresh chili on the

side so people can add it if they wish.


Pakistani chicken with ginger

Spinach and mushroom curry

Punjabi fish curry

Pilau rice,

Roasted cauliflower curry,

Garlic and coriander naan,

Red lentil Dahl,

Makani celeriac.

Mint Raitha,

Hi William,

Thanks again for all your work yesterday and to Sarah, Louis and the rest of your team who were all really attentive. We really enjoyed the food and had lots of comments from people saying how good it was!

Finally one of my friends really enjoyed the dhal and was wondering if he could get the recipe?

Many thanks again,

Paul and Rhiannan